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1.   Results

Some dogs/cats may need multiple teeth cleaning sessions in order to get the desired results,

2.  Allergies 

Please make sure you say if your dog/cat has any allergies.

3.   Fleas and other external parasites

If only coming in for teeth cleaning and your dog/cat has any parasites such as fleas, you will also be charged £35 & the cost of a bath and blow dry (flea and parasite shampoo) this is to exterminate any that may be on the dog/cat.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any cats with fleas as it could then infest our home. You will be charged for this appointment if less than 48hrs notice is given

4.  Poor hygiene prior to teeth cleaning

Star grooming cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition before, during or after any ultrasonic treatments.

Any medical conditions revealed by teeth cleaning at star grooming is not caused by us and we will not be liable for anything that occurs after teeth cleaning treatment.

5. Not a vet

We are not a vet and are unable to diagnose any medical conditions

6. Arriving ALL cats should be in a carrier.
7.  Matting a cat is severely matted, we will contact the owner. Due to animal welfare. if they are severely matted they will need to be shaved and start fresh with growing the coat. To avoid this, we recommend both a brush and a comb to be used at home. Any cat/dog which needs to be shaved down due to being severely matted will have an extra charge on top of their groom £10-25. We will inform the owner if there will be an extra charge when contacting the owner about matting, unless already discussed.
8. Aggression in animals can vary depending on the pet. If we feel a dog/cat is too dangerous for us to work with we will ask you to collect your pet and you will only be charged the 50% booking fee. Any that may be difficult and need extra steps in order to handle them will have £10 added to the final balance.    WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANYTHING THAT MAY HAPPEN FROM SEVERE MATTING REMOVAL. It is the job of the owner to ensure their cat/dog does not get matted by brushing and combing to the skin. Some cats may need to come back over a couple of days to complete their appointment if they are heavily matted.   
9. How we operateWe operate on a pick up and drop off bases only, we are not insured to have the owners on the premises while a pet is being groomed. If you would like we can send text updates, photos and videos of how your pet is getting on throughout there groom
10. Cat absences, is the duty of the owner to ensure that if they have a appointment that the cat is kept in the night before to ensure they are able to locate and easily access the cat ready to load in the carrier to bring for their appointment. If you are unable to locate the cat and miss the appointment the 50% booking fee will be used as a missed appointment fee.
11. Booking fee & CancellationsA booking fee of 50% upon booking will secure the appointment and is non-refundable, please ensure that you are 100% certain you are able to make the appointment before agreeing a date. You will be able to reschedule for another date as long as at least 2 days notice is given.If wishing to cancel your appointment please let us know as soon as possible. We require minimum of 72 hours notice. (If we are unable to fill the appointment space the booking fee will be used as a no show fee.)If we are able to fill the appointment space:•72hrs notice or more = booking fee will be added to your account with us, as credit which can be used for future appointments.•48hrs notice = half the booking fee being credited to the account to be used at a future date. •24hrs or less = loss of the booking fee (used as a missed appointment fee).
12. Lateness when arrivingif you are over 15minutes late you will be ask to reschedule as we will end up over running into the next dogs/cats slot, which means we will be unable to complete the groom within the remainder of the time. (To reschedule you will need to pay the booking fee again in the event of this happing) .Unless a valid reason has been give, this will then be classed as a missed appointment and the booking fee paid will be used as a missed appointment fee.
13.  Lateness when picking upif you are unable to pick your pet up when notified (20 minute advance notice will be given prior to the service being fully completed) that they will be ready to go home, you will need to discuss this 24hrs prior to the start of the appointment. For every 15 minutes that the cat is with us after their appointment has finished will be charge £5 as this may cause us to have to reschedule the next dog/cat as we are a 1-2-1 groomer and only have 1 cat in at a time ( unless from the same family).
14. Injuryif we notice any injury or abnormality on the dog/cat while grooming we will photograph if possible and will inform you after the groom we will write this on their record that we have found something and that it was not done by us and that we are not liable, we will also send you a text after the groom with the information that we found to ensure you are able to access it.
15. Non-paymentAnyone who does not pay will be refused if they ask to be re-booked.

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